Marcy Montano Receives School Bell Award

MarcyMontanoIn her own very quiet, unique and very modest way, Marcy Montano has touched the lives of hundreds of Denair High School students over the past 13 years. Her job title may say “Administrative Assistant to the Principal,” but everyone knows her responsibilities and influence extend well beyond that.

Need a Spanish speaker to help talk with a parent? Ask Marcy.

Need someone to deftly coordinate multiple important tasks, all at once? See Marcy.

Have a question about a policy or campus history? Marcy knows the answer.

The school’s staff certainly appreciates Montano’s work ethic and value as a positive role model to students. They have recognized her as Denair’s School Bell Award winner for 2014. She joined other winners from Stanislaus County’s other school districts at a dinner Friday night in Modesto.

School Bell Awards annually recognize educators who exemplify service to the community, enhancement of education and enrichment of the lives of children.

“Marcy may not spend her time in a classroom, but she is constantly providing an education to students and staff alike,” said Denair teacher John Stavrianoudakis. “She teaches us to be kind, patient, hard-working, responsible, tenacious, courteous and respectful. She is a fantastic role model and pillar for individuals of all ages. Students often seek her counsel and I, for one, know that I am a better person because of her.” Continue reading “Marcy Montano Receives School Bell Award” »