Committed Coyote Program Coming to Denair High

What can athletes at Denair High School learn from Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes? Simple. That the dangers of drinking, drugs, vaping, lack of sleep and poor nutrition are real and their impacts on performance can be measured.

Student-athletes who want to reach their potential in any sport must commit to avoiding behavior that compromises their training, doesn’t live up to agreed-upon expectations and serves as a poor model for their peers.

That’s the thrust behind the Committed Coyote program, which was unveiled publicly Thursday night to the Denair Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Eleven high school athletes dressed in purple or white T-shirts, plus some of their coaches and three officials from the Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Agency, appeared before the board.

The back of each T-shirt sported the Committed Coyote creed, which also was shared aloud by the students in a video they produced:

“I am a Denair Coyote, I live to a higher standard than most, I am expected to be a role model for those around me. I exceed the higher standards that I am held to and show what our community is about. We are leaders and show integrity. We inspire the youth while aspiring to be great. We are more than a team, we are family, we work together, we strive together. We empower each other to success on and off the field, with tenacity and dedication, we motivate the people around us.”

The audience clapped at the end of the video.

Teacher Darrin Allen, the adviser to the group, said the 20 students currently in the program wrote the creed themselves. “This is from the kids,” he said.

Denair becomes the fourth Stanislaus County high school to adopt the program, joining Waterford, Hughson and Patterson. The program is available in all 50 states and mandatory at high schools in four of them – New York, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Illinois.

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Denair Boys Clinch First Southern League Basketball Title Since 2004; Look for High Playoff Seed

Submitted by Denair High School:

Even as the Denair boys basketball team checks off its goals one by one, Coach R.J. Henderson and his players know the biggest objectives still are on the horizon – a high playoff seeding and a chance to compete for a Sac-Joaquin Section title.

First things first, though.

Last Friday, the Coyotes got to celebrate something that they haven’t accomplished since 2004 – earn a Southern League championship. Denair’s 74-38 romp over Delhi left the Coyotes at 10-0 in league play with only Wednesday’s home game with Le Grand and Friday’s contest at Waterford left. A victory in either would assure Denair of an outright championship since second-place Orestimba (9-2) already has lost twice to the Coyotes.

Earlier last week, Denair achieved another milestone – it won at Mariposa for the first time in nine years.

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Flu season Is Here – Please Take Precautions

Submitted by Denair Unified School District:

Like other public agencies and private businesses, the Denair Unified School District continues to monitor the health situation involving the coronavirus. To date, there have been zero cases reported in Stanislaus County, six in California and 11 in the country.

We believe the immediate health risk from coronavirus is very low. If the situation changes, local health officials will let us know and we will promptly pass that information on to you.

As we always do during cold and flu season, our maintenance staff is hard at work to ensure that frequently touched surfaces like door handles are cleaned more often.

We also want to remind everyone about ways to protect yourself and your family from becoming ill:

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Despite End of Long Winning Streak, Denair Boys Still in First Place in Basketball Standings

Submitted by Denair High School:

Winning 14 games in a row does a lot to boost a team’s confidence. But losing a game in overtime it probably should have won in regulation is a timely reminder that success is not guaranteed. Anything can happen in high school basketball.

That’s the place the Denair High boys team finds itself in halfway through the Southern League season. The Coyotes are 19-2 overall, 6-0 in league play and experienced both ends of the emotional spectrum just this week.

Monday, in a non-conference game in their own gym, the Coyotes sprinted to a 36-24 halftime lead over Natomas of Sacramento, which brought a pedestrian 9-8 record into the contest. Denair still led by 11 points after three quarters, but Natomas slowly chipped away at that margin throughout the fourth quarter.

Then Denair starters Mario Plasencia and Hayden Feldman fouled out, setting up Natomas for a last chance. Sure enough, it hit a 3-pointer with 12 seconds to play, sending the game into overtime. The Coyotes never recovered and lost 76-72.

So long, 14-game winning streak.

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Melissa Treadwell Recognized at Stanislaus County Event

Submitted by Denair Unified School District:

Some people view their jobs as work. Not Melissa Treadwell. She truly believes that being the campus supervisor at Denair High School for nearly 18 years is a calling, something she was born to do.

“My favorite thing about my job,” she said, “is creating relationships with young adults and helping students make good decisions along the way. I don’t consider it a job, more of a blessing to be part of Denair High.”

Treadwell’s influence is felt in every corner of the campus. Not only is she on the front line of navigating sometimes emotional interactions between teen-agers, she’s part of many activities outside the classroom. She’s the advisor to the PHAST (Protecting Health And Slamming Tobacco) Club, something she’s been honored for at the county level. She volunteers for craft fairs at the elementary school. She and her husband, Brad, often contribute their photography skills to sporting and other events, and recently began gathering and refurbishing gently used bicycles to give to students who need transportation to school.

This year, Treadwell also became the high school’s athletic director, adding another key role to an already overflowing portfolio of responsibilities.

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