Denair campuses have big plans to mark Red Ribbon Week and its message against drug use, other unsafe behavior

Next week is Red Ribbon Week at schools across the country. Red Ribbon Week began in 1980 as a way to discourage drug use among children while promoting healthy behaviors. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan was one of the original proponents.

The campuses in the Denair Unified School District have a number events planned starting Monday. All are being coordinated by staff as well as student members of the PHAST (Protecting Health and Slamming Tobacco) Clubs. The theme is “Send a message. Stay drug-free.”

Last year, Denair High finished third in Stanislaus County in the contest for the best decorated campus. The previous year, the Coyotes were second in the county.

Denair High School

  • Monday: Disney day. Don’t be a character on drugs Disney day.
  • Tuesday: Too bright for drugs neon day. Wear bright clothing.
  • Wednesday: PJ day. Wake up drug-free and wear pajamas to school.
  • Thursday: Drugs are scary. Halloween dress-up day.
  • Friday: Drug-free spirit day. Wear purple or red to school.

There will be activities each day, including a visit from the Fire Department on Wednesday, a stage car crash scene and plenty of games at lunchtime.

Denair Middle School

  • Monday:  Team up against drugs. Wear your favorite team jersey or shirt.
  • Tuesday: Catch the drug-free wave. Wear your favorite beach clothing. Flip flops are OK, but no swimsuits.
  • Wednesday: Put your boots on and stomp out drugs. Wear your favorite Western clothing.
  • Thursday: Boo to drugs. Students are allowed to wear Halloween costumes. No masks, face paint or weapons of any kind will be allowed. Dress code rules still apply.
  • Friday: Grab a friend and pair up against drugs. Dress like twins or just wear purple to show your spirit!

There will be numerous lunchtime activities to help educate students about the dangers of tobacco and drug use. There also will be educational announcements through the daily bulletin. The campus will be decked out in red ribbons as well.

Denair Elementary Charter Academy

  • Monday: Wake up drug-free day. Wear pajamas to school.
  • Tuesday: Working to be drug-free. Wear career clothing.
  • Wednesday: Drugs are old school. Decade dress-up day.  
  • Thursday: Say “boo” to drugs! Students can wear their Halloween costumes.
  • Friday: I have the power to be drug-free.  Students dress up as their favorite superhero or movie character. There also will be a door decoration parade.

Denair Charter Academy

  • Monday:  Disney day. Dress up as your favorite Disney character or any Disney apparel.
  • Tuesday: Sports/Jersey day. Show pride in your sports team by wearing their gear.
  • Wednesday: Rainbow day. Let’s liven things up with color by wearing them all.
  • Thursday: Spirit day. Keep your spirits high by wearing red, purple, and white!
  • Friday: Crazy socks/hair day. Let loose and show your crazy side with your locks and socks.

Monday and Thursday, there will be activities, including trying to pick something up while wearing distorted vision goggles. There also will be a tabling event as well as PHAST information.

Denair Unified District Office

  • Monday: Team up against drugs. All employees are encouraged to wear their favorite team jersey or shirt.
  • Tuesday: Too bright for drugs neon day. Wear neon colors.
  • Wednesday: Drugs are old school. Dress up as your favorite decade.
  • Thursday: Sock it to drugs. Wear your favorite fun socks.

Friday: Our district is drug-free. Wear your favorite red shirt.

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