DCA Partners with Youth on Course

Youth on CourseIn partnership with NCGA and Stevinson Ranch Golf Club, Denair Charter Academy has been awarded a grant to provide deserving youth the opportunity to develop life skills and values through golf. Youth on Course is a 12 week clinical series that not only teaches the basics of golf fundamentals, rules and etiquette, but also provides space for discussion of life skills and values and how they relate to both golf and life. The curriculum involves values of the day (responsibility, respect, teamwork, determination, confidence, leadership, integrity, honesty, sportsmanship and nutrition) and critical thinking problems.

Jim Nuss, DCA’s Youth on Course advisor, stated after the first session at Stevenson Ranch, “The students were introduced to a life skills theme (responsibility and respect) and then were directed by a fitness instructor to do 15 minutes of stretching and aerobics. The students then worked on putting and had a competition to see who could get a hole in one, and one student did. By the end of the session, the students were happy and interacting with each other, and all agreed to come next week. It was so awesome to interact with these students outside of the classroom.”

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