How to help students safely navigate social media focus of meeting for any Denair parent on Monday night

Denair Middle School will host multiple sessions for students and their parents on the importance of digital safety on Monday, Feb. 28. 

The student presentations will be at 9 a.m. (sixth-graders), 10:30 p.m. (leadership students) and 1 p.m. (seventh- and eighth-graders).

The parent meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and also will be livestreamed on the DMS Facebook page. Parents of students at any Denair campus – Denair Elementary School, Denair Middle School, Denair High School and Denair Charter Academy – are invited to attend or watch online. There is no cost.

All the meetings will be held at the Coyote Center on the DMS campus.

The presentations will be made by #ICANHELP, a nonprofit that educates on the proper use of social media and empowers students to deal with conflict, negativity, and harassment online. 

“We don’t usually think of it, but just like the way negativity can spread, people can be swayed or encouraged when the majority are doing ‘good’ online,” said #ICANHELP co-founder Kim Karr. “Students just need to be shown how to respond to the negativity. … Through #ICANHELP, students are learning that kindness is saving lives and it doesn’t have to be anything big — a simple smile or a nice Post-It note on a locker might be all it takes.”

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