New Employee Profile: Ashlee Hope

This is one in a series of Q&A’s with employees new to Denair Unified in 2023-24.

Family: Son, Liam (2 years old)

School: Denair High School

Subject taught: AVID/ PE

Experience and education: I have a BA in kinesiology from CSU Stanislaus and an MA in health education from Southern Oregon University. I have been a health teacher and JV basketball coach at Gustin High School (2017-19), a fifth-grade teacher at TEAM Charter school (2021-22) and a health/PE teacher at Ashland Middle School (2016-17).

What attracted you to Denair? I love small towns and the sense of pride within them. I am originally from a small town in Oregon and I feel compassion for the “small yet mighty” communities.

What most inspires you about teaching? I enjoy the challenges that come with guiding our youth and a strong motivation for helping them become independent and driven adults.

What is a challenge you look forward to tackling this year? I am looking forward to familiarizing myself with the Denair community and finding my place among students, faculty and families!

What is your favorite teaching tool or activity? Exit tickets and CFU because I love receiving feedback from my students. Also, I love when I can be humorous with students and have the opportunity to know them better through having fun.

What do you want your students to remember? I want all students to know that I support them through their decisions and I am full of love and humor to share with our community.

How can parents support what you do? My big focus is to hold students accountable for their actions and guide them to be prepared for all situations in life.

What would surprise people about your job? Teaching was not my first choice as a career, but after so many professors, counselors and close friends/ family members continued to bring it up, I decided to explore the option and I never turned back.

What do you do for fun? I love, love, love camping! Anything outdoors. My son and I are always on the go, looking for our next adventure. At home, we go swimming a lot when it’s hot; and when it’s cold, if we are not outside enjoying the rain, we love to sit in front of the fireplace with lots of snacks and a scary movie!

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